pixie copley - hippy gift shopPixie Copley has had a fascination with bright colours, psychedelic patterns and anything hippie since she was a young child. She would sit and stare in to a kaleidoscope for hours turning it slowly and watching the patterns move and create colourful abstract art.
Pixie discovered fractals and fractal art while she was studying Art, Design and Photography at college in 1991. A tutor showed her a fractal generating program and she instantly knew that she had to learn how to create fractals without the use of a generator.

Over the years, Pixie has created thousands of  fractal art prints using Adobe Photoshop and she now sells them printed on to all sorts of products in her unique online gift shop. The gift shop feature Pixie’s Kawaii and Goth inspired illustrations and hippie style patterns. Pixie  can create bespoke personalized designs if required.

Pixie is Director of her Graphic and Web Design company Pix and Mix Digital Media. During the day she can be found creating websites, logo and branding design, film, editing, social media and all sorts of other digital media work. You can visit her Graphic Design Companys website here www.pixandmix.org.uk

Amongst other passions and hobbies, Pixie is also an active professional photographer, taking fine art photography on wide variety of subjects from portraiture to still life, nature and landscape. During her spare time Pixie can be usually found outside with her camera.

Since 2009, when she started scuba diving and got her hands on an underwater camera Pixie has been traveling to more tropical waters and has put her skills in to practice by photographing some amazing underwater life.

To view her portfolio of fine art photography please visit www.PhotographybyPixie.com

You can also buy colourful fine art photography prints at colourfulfineartphotography.com

And see all her other links at xeeme.com

Odd facts, bragging rights and memorable days!–I haven’t seen my natural hair colour since I was 11.
–I rescued two small children from a house fire when I was 24.
–I used to get told I looked like Demi Moore when I was 18 then again when I lost my hair due to chemo when I was 35.

–I started my first job in a graphic design studio in  August 1992.
–I gained a distinction with the Royal Photographic Society in June 2014.
–I got married to the most wonderful man in June 2010

–I have a black cat called Satan.
–I’m addicted to oysters and coca cola.
–I have Hypermobile joints (double jointed) so can do strange things with my fingers and toes .. I can also do the spock eyebrow and elvis lip!